UN Women: #NoEsDeHombres

Effecting behaviour change with radical empathy

UN Women and H+K Mexico City put men in women’s shoes with the #NoEsDeHombres  (“Not a Manly Behaviour”) campaign. 

87.7% percent of women in Mexico City feel unsafe while using public transportation. The objective of this campaign was to educate the public and generate awareness around this issue, while promoting the prevention of sexual harassment on the city’s public transportation.

In a country where sexual harassment affects most women’s and girls’ lives, the campaign put men in “women’s shoes”. Two social experiments were conducted and documented: 

The Penis Seat Experiment

The Screen Experiment: Men on the Subway Screens of Mexico City

In just a few hours, the videos went viral in Mexico and several other
countries around the world. 

  • 30 million+ YouTube views

  • Facebook: 1,000+ shares

  • Twitter: 117 million impressions+ 4,000+ tweets, 3,000+ retweets

  • 300 million+ impressions in traditional media, which is equivalent to impacting the entire Mexican population twice and Mexican internet users 44+ times

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