The Baltic Sea Blueprint

Derelict fishing gear, or ghost nets, are addressed worldwide as a source of marine litter with extensive hazardous effects on the marine ecosystem. Yet, thousands of nets and trawls are lost every year, becoming invisible and silent killers in our oceans.

In an EU project between the Municipality of Simrishamn and Keep Sweden Tidy with several other EU partners, their goal was to create a unified approach to map, retrieve and prevent further contamination. The work resulted in an action plan and guide that can be used all over the world.

To help package and spread the word, H+K Sweden created the concept of the Baltic Sea Blueprint including a storyline and manuscript for a documentary as well as a photo exhibition. Both media strategy and PR tactics were managed by H+K who also cooperated with Rodolfo in producing the documentary and animation.

Specialist expertise: Content + Publishing Strategy
Office: Stockholm