Ålandsbanken: The Aland Index

The state of the Baltic Sea is critical, it is already partly dead. Improvement calls for a significant change of behavior

The state of the Baltic sea directly affects Ålandsbanken’s clients, and now the bank wants to strengthen client relationships and position itself as a responsible leader of the change.

The Baltic Sea Project and the Aland Index, communicating the environmental impact of every transaction made with your credit card.

By the end of 2016, Ålandsbanken exchanged all of its existing credit cards for the Baltic Sea Card. Ålandsbanken is in discussions with many of Sweden’s leading banks who are interested in using the Aland Index themselves.

H+K worked with the media relations and overall PR strategy for the launch of the new service.

Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Specialist expertise: Content + Publishing Strategy
Office: Stockholm

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