Specialist expertise

We provide the highest value services to our clients.

In addition to our core expertise in disciplines such as media relations, reputation management and community management, we constantly innovate to help clients overcome the challenges that they face by developing new specialisms.

Data + Analytics

Our researchers, analysts and evaluators root our work in data and insights to demonstrate measurable impact and deep audience understanding.

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Issues + Crisis

We prepare, protect and defend brands. Our best managed crises are the ones you haven’t heard of.

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Media Relations

Everything we do, and always have done at H+K, is centered around ideas to earn attention. We are focused on crafting stories so powerful that media want to write about them, and people want to pass them on.

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People + Purpose

We help businesses communicate with their employees to engage them and make them feel valued.

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Public Affairs

Trusted by policymakers and clients, we have deep connections with decision makers and regulators worldwide.

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